Top 5 Fun Ways For Children to Learn

What’s the best way to teach children? The answer may be easier than you think! Just let them learn on their own, in their own time and at their own pace. You will be amazed by what they are capable of and how fast they learn new things.

Here’s 5 tips on how to provide interesting learning experiences for kids:

  1. Creative Experiments – Organize a work and play space in your house, yard, or garage where your child can experiment with whatever they find inspiring (example: dismantling an old CD player or a radio, constructing a vehicle from spare toy parts, making new fashion from old clothes, etc.). Let your child decide how and when they want to use the space and ideally do not ask them to clean it up right away. Some projects may take longer than just a few hours!
  2. Books – Arrange a reading corner in your child’s room. Make it a fun and attractive space for your child. You can equip it with colourful and fluffy cushions or bean bags. Organize the books in boxes or on shelves, but make sure your child can access them at all times. Every few days display 4-5 books as ‘Books of the Day’ by putting them in a visible place to attract your child’s extra attention.
  3. Apps and eBooks – Both of these offer magnificent opportunities for multi-sensory learning. There are apps that will teach your child literacy and numeracy, support their creativity and help them extend their knowledge and understanding of the world.
  4. Role Play – This is a fantastic way to help your kids express themselves creatively by pretending to be their favorite movie heroes, book characters, or even real life people. By providing fun clothes, a few every-day objects (but not the ones that are sharp or potentially harmful), cardboard boxes, and crayons – you and your child can create your own fantasy world! What an excellent way to practice social and communication skills.
  5. Exploring Nature – Encourage your kids to spend more time outdoors. Whether it’s at a park, your own back garden, a local playground, a nearby beach, or the woods. Not only will your children have a chance to make friends but also learn more about the world by playing with natural toys (sticks, pebbles, pine cones, sand, mud, water) and sneak-peaking on animals and insects. It’s also a great lesson as they interact with the world around.

Children learn best by experimenting and exploring the environments (active learning), and to do so they will use their senses (multi-sensory learning). They will always need loads of positive feedback (positive parenting) to boost their confidence and to be encouraged to explore their interests further. They also require enough space and freedom to satisfy their individual needs (personalized learning). After all, it is not that difficult to provide. Just follow your kids and have fun!

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