Spooktacular Halloween Jokes!

Halloween is right around the corner. It is one of my most favorite holidays of the year. I get so excited thinking about what my Halloween costume will be. I’m still undecided for this year, but when I find out I’ll be sure to let you know!

I just released my newest book, Spooktacular Halloween Jokes. It is a brand-new Halloween joke collection with lots of spooky Halloween jokes, knee-slappers, and moan-n-groaners. You will cackle at all the jokes about monsters, ghouls, witches, ghosts, zombies, and more. It is sure to crack up your little ghouls and goblins with nonstop puns and jokes about everything Halloween. This refreshing classic is a perfect fit for the entire family to enjoy together!

Makes an excellent gift for kids and joke lovers!

Q: What did the police officer say about the mummy murder mystery?
A: It is time to wrap it up!

Q: What vampire loves sweets?
A: Count Snackula!

Q: What is a ghost’s favorite dessert?
A: Boo-berry pie!

♦ Also available in paperback and audiobook formats ♦

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