After 25 Years My Dreams Have Come True!

I Wish Upon a Falling Star..

Remember when you were a kid? What did you want to be when you were a grown-up? At various ages, I wanted to be a king, an astronaut, circus star, second baseman for the Atlanta Braves, a pilot, and a children’s book author. At age 20, I had no idea. Then in the flash of an eye, you are 30. Where did time go?

Have you ever had a big dream? I mean a pulsating and burning desire that was always in the back of your mind. Years passed and you never did anything to make your dream come true. Every time you thought about attempting it, you talked yourself out of it. You’ve always heard people say, “Don’t be silly” or “Maybe you should do what everyone else does.” I never wanted to do what everyone else did.

That lasted about 25 years of my life. Yeah, maybe some of my childhood dreams were silly. At the time, they made so much sense though. There was one moment I’ll never forget. From the moment I put my hands on a Dr. Seuss book at the age of five, I knew I wanted to publish a children’s book. The book was Dr. Seuss’s ABC. It was the first time I heard the word “goggles” and the picture was so funny. I laughed hysterically for about 30 minutes straight. My whole body hurt from giggling so much. I wasn’t even able to finish the book that night from laughing so uncontrollably. It was only an odd looking creature wearing goggles.

G is for goggles

G is for goggles

The power of words and the ability to entertain people with my imagination consumed me. I loved this! My mind would wander in school. I would make up wacky characters, and create worlds in my mind that had endless possibilities. I would doodle pictures in my notebooks and draw the craziest looking creatures. I always knew what I really wanted to be. I just never had the guts to accept the challenge. It’s easy to lie to yourself when you are trying to avoid fear of failure. Fear of the unknown can paralyze your thoughts.

The Night it all Changed…

When I turned 29, I still didn’t know what I wanted to be. After years of unfulfilled dreams and the agony working jobs I had no passion for, I was sitting outside admiring the beautiful night. It was a clear sky filled with millions of dazzling stars. Each star had a unique twinkle as if they were dancing in the sky. I said to myself that I wouldn’t go in until I saw a shooting star. Thirty minutes passed and I never saw one. I was getting ready to go in. In a joking manner I said, “Only if I could see one shooting star.” As I turned, I looked up to the sky once more. In the flash of an eye, the most beautiful star rocketed across the sky. It’s long and fading tail followed as the star quickly disappeared.

I was in total shock. At first I justified it by saying that because I was persistent I was able to see an inevitable shooting star in the sky in a dark sky. As I walked through the damp grass towards my house, I felt chills. “Was this a sign?”

Day after day I thought about it. I didn’t give up. I saw a star. That was the simplest way to explain it. What else in my life had I given up on? POOF! I was struck by inspiration lightning! I’m going to write a children’s book. I’m just going to do it. If I fail, I just fail. At least I’ll be doing something with meaning and passion. I’ll be doing something I enjoy. I’ll be doing something I’ve thought about for 25 years.

That was about a few months ago. I decided to just follow my heart. I took a leap of faith and just decided to believe. I’ve come up with several ideas, written a few stories, and come up with some sketch ideas. Here I am today. I can proudly saw my dreams have come true. I am now a published children’s book author! I still get a jolt of excitement thinking about the possibilities.

With that said, I cannot be more happier with my life. It is my mission to create a positive and lasting change in the world through children’s books. I promise to inspire you, entertain you, and most importantly.. Share the magic of imagination.

Welcome to the wild and wacky world of Arnie Lightning!

Dream. Inspire. Create.


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