5 Quick Tips to Help Children Read More

Reading can be a lot of fun, especially when you find the right book!

Here are some straightforward ideas to help your child enjoy reading more:

1. Let your kids see you reading

Children will mirror what they see their parents doing. Set a good example and read!

2. Surround your child with reading material

Are there books around? Having books around your home will make reading much easier. If it is available, it is much easier to start.

3. Make reading a fun tradition

Set a time to read each day. Make it fun. Play the parts of the characters and use silly voices. Make reading enjoyable for everyone!

4. Encourage your child

Read words aloud to your child and have them repeat difficult words. Point to pictures and read together. Sound out difficult words and show them. Laugh together and have a good time!

5. Rewards for reading

What gets rewarded gets repeated. Reward your child for doing a great job reading. Encourage them to want to read more!


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